Rosanne Cash on The Moth Radio Hour

Rosanne Cash 1.jpg

The Moth Radio Hour has been one of my favourite podcasts from the time I first started listening to podcasts. One of the most memorable episodes was the story, The Ghost of Rue Jacob by Joan Juliet Buck, the American editor-in-chief of French Vogue, who lived in a haunted house in Paris - a story which I first heard while going on a night run, along Los Feliz Boulevard, on Halloween. Since then there have been many stories - some have made me sob and some have made me laugh and some have done both. 

This week's Moth Radio Hour has a wonderful story by Rosanne Cash which is about so many things but to me its mostly about failing miserably and picking up the pieces while showing a nonchalant face to the world. Perhaps this story touched me because somehow I find myself at that place in my life or perhaps it's just a really good story. Either way it's worth a listen. As a bonus to fans of her album Interiors, this is about the making of the album and its aftermath.   (Rosanne Cash on The Moth)